Monday, 29 March 2010

Catalonia (don't call it Spain)

Last Monday I left my surprisingly Spring-like home in England to come to Barcelona to visit family and soak in some sunshine. After intense fears that it would rain the entire time, I haven't seen a drop, but I hear it's supposed to snow in Cheshire on Wednesday. Take that, weather.

Spain Catalonia has been a mixed bag for me. While it's gorgeous and interesting and culturally different (though still intensely reminds me of my visit to Rome), some of the cultural differences are a bit extreme. Like the caged pet stalls on Las Ramblas where birds are a dozen to one small cage, and everything from roosters to pigeons and tortoises are kept in very close quarters, overnight, or the prostitutes that stand on the side of the motorway (more coming on Stop the Traffik next week). And (this coming from a vegetarian) the cebo legs hanging from the wall at the supermarket aren't exactly appetizing.

But it has some good points. Very little litter. Very good recycling. My family. The sunshine. And while the bad points reveal some extremely iffy legal issues, I feel that I have to embrace the good I find, and campaign about the rest.


Anyway, on to the pretty. (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger).

The Mediterranean



Monument to Joan of Arc on Montserrat


Tiny Daffodils from Montserrat

Votive Candles at the Monastery

Sagrada Familia

Cactus Flower


Next up, All You Knit is Love, the LYS. Can't wait!

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Anni said...

Lovely pics. We visit Southern Costa blanca a lot and it's very common to see a large number of prostitutes standing along the roundabouts in residential areas and some of them are out quite early in the evenings.

We've just got back from Spring Harvest where there is always a lot of info and publicity on 'Stop the Trafik' campaign. Will look out for your post on the subject.