Friday, 24 September 2010


Last night I finally cast off the Evening Primrose Scarf, something that's been torn out and re-knitted so many times I'm actually a little startled that I finished it at all. Fortunately, Fyberspates Faery Wings (4 ply) is much more forgiving than 99% of other mohair yarns out there, and allowed me to re-knit to my specifications.

Anyway, here she is on the blocking bed!

I can't wait until Evening Primrose is dry so I can take some proper pictures. Not only is the yarn gorgeous (it has a heavy core of silk and a fuzzy, soft mohair halo), but I actually just quite like the pattern. While I didn't feel the curve was necessary for the scarf, not only will it allow it to stay on a bit more, the curve also means...ruffles.

This is knit end to end, with short rows worked in a narrow garter stitch band so absolutely no wrapping is required. Perhaps the easiest short rows I've ever done! Can't wait to show it off a bit more.

The pattern will be coming out next month and as one of the patterns in Gwynedd.

ETA: A few action shots:

Monday, 20 September 2010

I'm Back, and also: Patterns Coming Soon

After a month without internet access, I'm finally back. And a lot actually seemed to happen in my time away.

I moved in behind a field of gossipy sheep:

Had a pattern, the Flame Yoke Pullover, published in Issue 30 of Yarn Forward:

Modeled here by Sarah. Modeled much better in Yarn Forward 30 (sorry, Sarah!)....check it out.

And finished up a few more patterns for my upcoming e-book Gwynedd, tentatively set for release in November. Here's another sneak preview (and psst! These patterns are just now going up for testing).