Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Some progress

So I have at least 8 projects going on right now, but at least I'm making some significant progress.

Almost done: a VK v-neck sweater (for me, this time), in KP Wool of the Andes in Spruce. All I have left is to sew the buttons on and weave in the ends. It's a little big around the chest, but it looks nice enough.

Next, I started a little early in the Fitted Knits KAL, and am almost done with the drop stitch tank in KP Shine Worsted, color: Blossom. After dividing for the front, it turned out a little long and I might run out of yarn, so I'll probably go back and rip out a repeat. It shouldn't be too hard.And last, with the least done (since the Spruce sweater recently freed up my size 6 needles this morning), just cast on with the puff sleeve cardigan from Fitted Knits, in KP Merino Style, color Iris.

More pictures coming soon as I get more time to work on these!

I also have a skein of Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit that I don't know what to do with, but it needs to be something spectacular (with just one skein, somehow).