Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Measurements Collective

Usually when I'm designing a garment, I can't always find all the average measurements I need in the same place. Not only that, but they're not always extremely accurate. As with most of my frustrations, it drove me to such distraction, that I thought: why not do something about it?

Any why not do something about it that will benefit everyone else?

Please list all measurements in INCHES ONLY. This will be a great help in putting together all the numbers; don't worry, any product that comes as a result will be available in both inches and centimeters.

The Measurements Survey
(Please read notes below before completing)

How much ease do you prefer in your sweaters (loose-fitting, close-fitting?)?

1. Bust/Chest Circumference (across fullest part of bust/chest)
2. High Bust Circumference (above bust, around underarms)
3. Shoulder to Bust/Chest (measure this from your shoulder down the side where your sleeve seam is to the place place near your underarm where you measures your bust circumference)
4. Waist Circumference (around the narrowest point of your waist)
5. Bust/Chest to Waist (do not follow curve; let the tape hang so it's exactly vertical)
6. Hip Circumference
7. Waist to Hip (again, let tape hang vertically)
8. High Hip Circumference (about 3in, 7.6cm above hip)
9. Cross Shoulder (from shoulder point to shoulder point)
10. Circumference of shoulders (around upper arms and chest, along approx. high bust line)
11. Shoulder to Waist on Back (From base of neck at center back to waistline)
12. Upper Arm Circumference
13. Shoulder to Underarm (Armhole)
(Not Shown): Underarm Width (press your upper arm against your side and make a note on the two distant points where your arm touches the side of your chest. Lift your arm and measure the distance between those two points)
(Not Shown): Neck Circumference (at lowest point)
14. Underarm to Elbow
15. Forearm Circumference (at widest point)
16. Wrist Circumference
17. Underarm to Wrist
(Not Shown): Measurements around palm (inc. thumb)
(Not Shown): Measurements around palm (excluding thumb)
(Not Shown): Length from where wrist joins hand to base of middle finger
(Not Shown): Length from where wrist joins hand to crook of thumb
(Not Shown): Hip to Knee
(Not Shown): Knee to Ankle
(Not Shown): Calf Circumference
(Not Shown): Knee Circumference
18: Ankle Circumference
19: Around Heel and instep
20: Foot Circumference
21: Shoulder height (vertical height from shoulder to base of neck)
22: Underbust Circumference
23: Waist to Underbust

What is this? 
Well, right now it's just a mess of numbers that will be averaged out and give actual bodies a say in an eventual measurement table, which I will start work on when I get a whole bunch of filled-out surveys!

What's the benefit of this?
Instead of going by the existing tables I can find, which aren't always based on real people, don't always include all the measurements I need, and which I haven't always found extremely helpful when sizing patterns for larger than, say, a 44in size, this will help me create designs that will fit a large range of people. Also, once I publish my results, this might help other designers do the same. And you, as a participator, will have an easy reference for your measurements for fitting your own patterns or customizing others', if you decide to save it to your computer or keep it somewhere else that is safe.

What can I do?
Fill out the survey below! Feel free to fill it out and post it here, with your name attached or anonymously, or e-mail it to me at themeasurementscollective [at] (except replace the " [at] " with a "@"). Post in inches only, please.

A few tips for measurements

You may need someone you trust to help you with some of the measurements to make sure they're as accurate as possible.

Hold the tape so it's comfortable; not too loose, not too slack.

If you're not comfortable posting some measurements or for any reason can't post some of the measurements, no worries! Just leave them out or your finished survey. As long as there's more than one measurement given, each survey matters.

Numbers on survey match up to numbered lines on diagram (not all measurements shown on diagram)

Thank you for your help!

Friday, 4 June 2010

CotM June: The Donna Louise Trust

The Sale might be over, but we have a new charity for the month of June!

In June, 10% of my pattern proceeds will be donated to The Donna Louise Trust, a hospice in Shropshire and South Cheshire that provides respite and end of life care for ill children.

It's heartbreaking to think that a place like this is even necessary, but this place where children can spend their last days with care, activities, and surrounded by the people who love them isn't only a benefit to the community and the country as a whole, but is just necessary. It seems like a wonderful place where children can just be children to the end.

Go check it out.