Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Becoming British

Celebratory Bunting

Tomorrow afternoon I will become a British citizen.

It's been a long road here, full of lots of fretting, stress, worry, and throwing money at the UKBA, hoping it would stick. But I'm here now, and after tomorrow, I am so, so thankful I will (fingers crossed) never have to worry about visas ever again.

So...the council website says they welcome traditional dress of the applicant's home country. But for some reason, I think faded jeans with an American flag sweatshirt sporting pizza grease stains might be frowned upon. Ideas?

Saturday, 12 October 2013


There comes a special time a girl's life where she must exercise her high-school-grade, out-of-date web-editing powers and make a few changes to her website.

So I'm cleaning things up a bit: clearing out the knitwear categories (you will now find my patterns link goes straight to my portfolio on Ravelry - everything is there! Plus more patterns will be coming soon); adding some more information about myself in case you haven't fulfilled your daily recommended intake of narcissism,  and trying to update this thing more frequently, because my life is suddenly going in a very exciting direction and I want to have my website ready to go with it.

Anyway, there you go. I'll be adding some new content to the pages (up there) in the next few days once I'm not relying on an internet connection that has to travel through several feet-thick stone walls. You have my promise!

Now for some pretty pictures because I'm saving up my brain power for some more book revisions and another full week of technical editing starting on Monday.

How did I spend my summer?

Wondering how appealing the Devil's Bath Tub would be to actually bathe in. (Sulferic pool, Rotarua, New Zealand)

Wondering how the Moa ever actually existed, and only 600 freaking years ago. (Also pictured: my lovely in-laws, for size comparison).

And coveting border designs in the Wintergarden, Auckland.
Not pictured: playing with kittens; obsessively checking my e-mail; squatting in my garden to see if my vegetables have grown at all since earlier that morning.