Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Print O' The Wave

Though I'd post my progress so far on the Print o' the Wave. I've run into a few hiccups every now and then (usually forgetting a YO once or twice), but I think it's turning out rather nicely, so far. Except I just remembered that I lost a YO and made a huge hole on the edge. Oh bother.

Sea Silk!

So I've been posting this wherever my fancy takes me, but I just ordered a new skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk in Straw. I haven't gotten it yet, but it looks gorgeous and obviously photographs well. And it looks like spun gold.

But I haven't decided what to do with it yet. Others have been getting entire flower basket shawls out of it, and I'm wondering if there would be enough in one skein to make the Folding Fan Tank that I patterned out in part earlier in my blog. No, I don't think so, either. But it would be beautiful. Maybe I could pull off a similar design with more open lace and less ribbing to take up less yarn...