Monday, 31 May 2010

It's Nearly Summer Sale; 1/3 off ALL of my Patterns through June 3rd!

We've been doing some Spring Cleaning around my house (eBay has been a constant friend for a few days), and I figured that while I'm clearing out, why not put a sale on all of my patterns?

From May 31st through June 3rd, all of my patterns are 1/3 off the normal price. And as always, 10% of proceeds will still go to charity (and a new one is coming up soon!).

 Or the Owl Wood Cowl for only £1.34

And lots more. See more of my patterns at my Ravelry Store.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stop the Traffik

April's extremely worthy Charity of the Month (in which I donate 10% of all pattern proceeds to the designated charity) was Stop the Traffik, and because I'm a horrible blogger and failed to say anything about it, it's getting May's proceeds, too.

What is Stop the Traffik?
According to UNICEF, 1.2 million children are bought and sold each year. Children. They're sold as everything from slaves to pick the cocoa beans that make the chocolate on our grocery store shelves, as adopted children, as sex slaves.

Sometimes we get desensitized by the numbers, so let's put that in more imaginable terms:

The entire population of San Diego.
One and a half Birminghams.
One and a half Calgarys.
Four Cardiffs.

All children, every year.

That's not even accounting for the adult women that are trafficked each year.

So what does Stop the Traffik do? It is, in a sense, a community of organizations that seeks to educate, engage, and advocate against human trafficking, campaigning for legal change and against the loopholes and corruption that lets innocent children and adults slide through.

From their site, donations to Stop the Traffik will help:

  • Bring an end to child trafficking in the cocoa industry
  • Empower the world's young people to keep those at risk safe
  • Support Business Travellers to report trafficking wherever in the world they see it
  • Equip communities taking action against trafficking in their neighbourhood
Visit their webpage to find out more, and what you can do to help.