Friday, 30 May 2008

Anya Scarf and Fair Trade Goodies

I finished my first every project for my (someday) future mother-in-law (in other words, the Boy's Mum), the Anya Scarf.

I didn't get enough pictures of it, but it is quite lovely.

Pattern: Anya by Zari Zamen
Yarn: Fyberspates 100% lace silk in Ocean. Lovely, lovely yarn.
Needles: Size 4 (3.5mm) Knit Picks Options.
Mods: Did three repeats instead of five. I was running out of time and I really liked the length it ended at.

Also picked up this gorgeous bag in York today, at Fair Trade shop, Shared Earth.
It is completely gorgeous, and completely beats my old (tiny tiny plastic) handbag when it comes to room. It's fairly traded, handmade by women in India who receive fair wages from the purchase. Made from printed silk body, goatskin leather upper, handle, and lower. And enough room to carry knitting (and my wallet and glasses at the same time! Woo!)
Cost: £35. Totally worth it.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan (IK Spring 2008)

Yup, another FO! This week has been very productive for me (haven't gotten much other work done, but y'know how it goes...)

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

Source: Interweave Knits, Spring 2008
Yarn: Colourmart UK, 100% Silk DK-weight in Peppermint. Took 1.25 cones (a surprisingly small amount, about 800 yards)

I had a hard time getting a decent shot of the front on me. This is the closest it gets, I suppose.

Needles: Sizes 7, 5, and 3 Bamboo (Clover and Addis, I think)
Size: 40"


Monday, 21 April 2008

FO: VK Cape Collar Jacket

The Cape Collar Jacket

Pattern: Cape Collar Jacket from Winter 2007/2008 Vogue Knitting. Massive pattern modifications due to the pattern being...well...extremely stupid.

Yarn: Harris Tweed and Knitwear DK(ish) wool. Took a while to get here (er, after it was shipped off to the US...sort of my fault. They were very gracious though and sent me the second order at no added cost. Very sweet! It wasn't too rough to work with, being 100% wool, and washed up very soft.

Needles: Knit Picks Options, size 4 for the seed st and size 8 for the cables.

Time taken: Exactly two months.

Verdict: Love it. Hated the seed stitch, hated the pattern, love the sweater.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Boyfriend Sweater: Cobblestone

I made my first men's sweater. For my boyfriend.

The curse says he's supposed to break up with me, but I'm not sure he's up for that, because, well, he loves it.

I don't think he can anyway, because I didn't knit the entire sweater. He knitted one stitch. Take that, Boyfriend Sweater Curse.

My reward? He bought me a dress-maker's dummy.

That's Sara, in the plastic bag. She's fine, now.

Conclusion: Best boyfriend in the world.

Sweater stats:
Pattern: Cobblestone by Jared Flood, from IK Fall 2007
Yarn: New Lanark Aran, 100% Organic Wool, in Gritstone, 6.5 skeins (love this stuff...very rustic)
Size: 39.5", with mods since the yarn was aran, not worsted. Worked less stitches in the round, made the body and the sleeves longer since the Boy is 6'1", worked less rows in the collar since he likes it more open.
Needles: KP Options US 8 (5.0mm)
Total time from CO to end of blocking: 19 days

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Late Winter FOlurries

Having been completely sucked in to the time black-hole of Ravelry, I've been sorely neglecting my blog. I haven't stopped knitting, just stopped posting. I have, however, gotten a few things done (and started a lot more) since I last posted.

Picture parade!

Beadless Odessa for Roomie
.7 balls Cascade 220, Lavender (though it really is more pink)

Claudia for boyfriend, in Rowan Pure Wool Aran, one skein

Under Water scarf for Boyfriend,
in 2 skeins Rowan Cocoon (which both my boyfriend and I have decided is the loveliest yarn ever)

The Ice Queen, for my Mum, on my head.
Now for the ever-expanding Works in Progress...

Making my boyfriend and myself matching Cobblestones. I'm making mine a bit sexed-up: in DK-weight (for a less-bulky fit), with dramatic decreases for a fitted waist, thinner sleeves, and an open collar.

Her Cobblestone in progress, based on Cobblestone by Jared Flood in IK Fall 2007

His Cobblestone in Progress, with mods since the yarn is aran weight, not worsted, and the fabric works up better with 5.0mm needles.

The Shedir from Hell. This thing will never end.

Detail of the Cape-Collar cardigan from Winter 07/08 VK, which I love and can't wait to finish/wear. It's unfortunately on hold right now, since His Cobblestone is requiring my size 8 needles.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Poet's Pullover Pattern

This is a design based somewhat on an Anthropologie sweater from a few years ago. I finally got around to making it. The pattern sizes (besides the 40" size) are approximate, as they haven't been test-driven. If you have any errata or suggestions, please let me know in the comments section. Better pictures coming soon.

ETA January 28th, 2010: I finally got around to correcting all those little errors, extending the size range, and tweaking the numbers so it fits the sizes it's supposed to fit. Please see the new PDF on Ravelry; as it won't fit so comfortably on this blog post anymore! And please contact me with any questions.