Saturday, 18 February 2012

Update: Test Knitting

(cross-posted from my Ravelry group)

In the coming weeks, I’ll be ready to start testing a few new patterns, and I’m going to have a go at something a little different. I have been testing in the Free Pattern Testers group, which has been great, but I think I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ready to start tests in my own Ravelry group.

So I’m going to give pattern testing a go in this group. If it doesn’t work out, I won’t hesitate to move it back over to Free Pattern Testers, but I thought it might be worth a try! The same basic structure and rules will apply, most importantly: please don’t sign up for a test if you don’t have time for it. If you’re unable to finish by the deadline (without good reason), I will not be able to accept you for further tests. If many people are finding it hard to finish on time, I will extend the deadline.


I will post a new thread in this group titled “TEST KNIT: Pattern Name (Project Type)” with pictures, pattern details (sizes, gauge, required materials) and testing requirements (number of testers needed, deadline date, etc). I'll announce on Twitter, blog, etc. when a new test knit is ready to sign up to.

Please post in the thread that you’re interested (this is for other members’ reference), and pm me your e-mail address to get started. I will only have limited places, so once I have everyone I need, I will close the thread to further sign-ups.

Once enough people have expressed interest, I will send out the pattern (for free, of course!) to everyone who I have accepted to test (note: almost everyone will be accepted; the only reasons I would decline are if there is a history of not finishing tests or I don’t feel your skill level is quite there yet). You can always use whatever yarn you would like, depending on whether or not it’s appropriate for the pattern.

I’ll earburn anyone who hasn’t posted in a while (say every week or two), just to check up on how you’re doing. I encourage everyone to post progress reports/pics/comments/or just chat in the thread.

Please let me know when you’re done and I’ll mark you as finished, and let me have a link to the project in your notebook. And I love to see pictures!

I think that’s it. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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