Saturday, 11 February 2012

Darlington, Revisited

This time of year always makes me thankful for my wellies (also called, depending on where you're from, rain boots, gumboots, galoshes, and, I'm sure, a host of other names!). I live in the countryside in the south of England, where wellington boots are worn with the same devotion with which Pacific Northwesterners wear socks with sandals year round. And as any Briton knows, wellies don't fit correctly without the proper knitwear.

So Darlington was born, partly out of necessity, partly out of my love of cables. Inspired by welly socks with their long, fold-over cuffs (the sample is even knit in a colour similar to Hunter red) and over-the-trouser fit, I wanted a sock that would stretch to fit over my jeans (they stay up better that way) and make wellies warmer and more comfortable. And I just thought that I had to share these with the world.

Kate at Twist Collective loved the idea, too, and worked with  me to create an ornate pair of stockings that look even better outside the boot. Ribbing ensures a good, close fit around the foot and keeps them from sliding down, while a pretty cable winds up to the cuff, with a matching medallion at the calf. Toe-up construction makes it easy to customise the fit and sport-weight yarn makes them knit up very fast. I loved the sample, which meant that right after I made it (sadly, what with my monstrous calves, they don't fit me), I knew I had to make my own pair.

My own handspun pair have been my constant companions during this long, cold and damp English winter, and have found their own place, nestled inside my wellington boots by the doorway. I'm sure they will keep me company right into English summertime.

You can find Darlington in the Winter 2011 issue of Twist Collective, and for sale in their shop.


Faeryfay said...

WOW! Those socks are gorgeous! Perfect for wearing under wellies!

Jennifer Crowley said...

Those came out gorgeous! Nice job!

At the camp I went to when I grew up, it was considered the hieght of coolness to wair your rain boots even in really warm weather. I found a good pair of socks to prevent chaffing were essential.

Gemini said...

I absolutely love these socks. I'm knitting up a pair in red right now and love how quick it is with the sport weight. The cable and lace pattern keeps it interesting. Can't wait to finish them!

Mark,Kim Lau said...

You are sure talented. The socks are just beautiful. Oh and very cool that you are on another blog as the featured guest. Congratulations.