Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Pattern, a few previews, plus some stuff I love

I released a new pattern on New Year's Day (and forgot to post about it here until now. Sorry!): The Owl Wood Cowl (try saying it three times fast).

Reminiscent of snowy owls hiding in branches in a winter wood, this pretty, warm cashmere cowl is the best way to decorate your throat, and to keep it warm while you owl-spot on chilly afternoons.

It takes about 250 yards of lace-weight yarn (the cozy, fuzzy, lovely yarn you see here is Plymouth Ecco Cashmere) and beads are optional, though recommended if you'd like your cowl as owl-y as possible. It's available for 2.00 GBP.

I also finally get to show off the Flintshire I made for my husband (who is currently in bed with a nasty bout of flu; please send prayers and good thoughts his way!).

Made with Posh Yarn Elinor Aran.

I'm a huge fan of Shepherd Susie over at Juniper Moon Farm; I find her dedication to her blog (and her weekly puppy pictures!!!) very inspiring. Every week, she has a post detailing things she likes and want to share with her readers, and I figured that since I have so much to be thankful for and I see so many things I appreciate (or think are just plain awesome), why not start one here?

Ashley's Stuff that's Quite Marginally Brilliant

Mario Town Cake, made by Frances Clayton and featured on Cake Wrecks as part of last Sunday's Sunday Sweets. Click for bigger picture...really, go on, click.

This house for sale in Bangor, Wales, a chapel conversion that retains a lot of its original features, like its peaked windows.

Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner. For the first time since that greasy-hair stage in middle school (ick, I'd rather forget those days), I don't have a White Girl 'Fro. I embrace this stuff whole-heartedly.

Po-Zu Fair Trade Wellington Boots. Perhaps not as fashionable as, say, Uggs (hahahahaha), but they're made from Fair Trade rubber (yes, actual rubber. From trees), the money from which helps to protect the Amazon Rainforest and its people. Unfortunately, it seems like Britain is sold out...at least, sold out in my size.

And finally...

For helping my husband fall asleep and, therefore, making tonight's post possible.

Patterns coming soon:

Minerva Hat

Night River Mittens

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