Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I caved

If there was one thing I promised I would never do, it was that I'd never get a Twitter account.

I'm thinking that those things I promise I'll never do that I usually end up doing, and a lot sooner than I would have if I thought I would end up actually doing them. Like getting married. Or becoming a vegetarian.

So I did it. Here I am. And this is my guarantee to you:

You will find no posts in the format of:

"I did this today and it was fun."
emo verses
cryptic messages that make absolutely no sense.
"I love my boyfriend soooo much!!!11111!!1!"

Basically, I set this up to communicate with anyone making any of my patterns that wants feedback, has questions, or wants to share. So expect knitting galore. And maybe, "I went on a bike ride and it was fun," or "I love my husband soooo much!!!1111!11!" message in a couple of days.

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