Thursday, 3 January 2008

Poet's Pullover Pattern

This is a design based somewhat on an Anthropologie sweater from a few years ago. I finally got around to making it. The pattern sizes (besides the 40" size) are approximate, as they haven't been test-driven. If you have any errata or suggestions, please let me know in the comments section. Better pictures coming soon.

ETA January 28th, 2010: I finally got around to correcting all those little errors, extending the size range, and tweaking the numbers so it fits the sizes it's supposed to fit. Please see the new PDF on Ravelry; as it won't fit so comfortably on this blog post anymore! And please contact me with any questions.



Lucy said...

Beautiful sweater Wonk - Congratulations - I love the colour!

Tracy said...

Beau-ti-ful! I am off to add it to my Ravelry queue. Now just to figure out how to convert it to plus size!! (Say a 52" chest?)

Wonk said...

Fortunately, it's a pretty forgiving pattern, measurement-wise, as the bust doesn't need to go all the way around. I just kind of fudged with the bind-offs until I found something that works. If you figure it out and would like to let me know of your adjustments, that would be wonderful!

Thanks for the compliments, too!

Amy K said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, and I love your yarn choice! Great job writing it out, I'm queuing (queueing? It's late, not sure :D ) this one :) Thank you so much for sharing the pattern!

Deenz said...

Love it - and how awesome is it that 40" is my size? ;-)

I'm sure you can find some helpful Ravelers to do some test knitting for the other sizes, too!

Anonymous said...

sorry to be personal, but what size do you measure around full bust? that way i can gauge whether i want to make that size/the next size down. thank you =)

Wonk said...

Haha, no worries. I measure about 38", on a good day, other days, around 39".

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful pullover. I'm currently making one in a red wine color and can't wait to wear it. Currently working on the bust decreases.
I ran into a problem I don't know how to correct (maybe it's just me?).
In the "bust" instructions, the number of stitches after doing the decreases (for size 40) is 135. Doing the math, I come up with 137. Is it just me? If not, how can I correctly decrease 2 more sts.
Also, please help with this: Do I decrease every 4th row 3x more AND every 6th row once AT THE SAME TIME, OR, do I inc every 4th row 3x, THEN every 6th row once.
Sorry to be such a bother, but I'm not experienced enough to "tinker" with the directions.
Thank you for the lovely pattern and for allowing us to sell sweaters and donate to charity - you're a sweet girl.

Wonk said...

Anonymous, you're completely right. Thanks for posting. It should be 137 sts, not 135. And you decrease every sixth row after the previous decreases.

Will fix it to make that clearer. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and I hope the sweater works out well!

Lavinia said...

Hi! I'm making this at the moment, and loving it. I've hit a bit of a problem with the maths as well. I've sorted it out, but thought I ought to pass it on (and you can put me right if I've totally misunderstood!)

I'm making the smallest size, and so have 17 stitches on the needle for each front piece. I lose 3 st in row 2, 2 in row 4, then another 1 in row 6. So that leaves me 11 stitches.

But then when I get to the shoulder bindoffs, I can't follow the instruction to BO 8 then 5 as that would need 13 stitches! In the end, I BO7 then 4 (and did the same on the back shoulders to match). Or have I misunderstood the front decreases somehow?

If I'm right, I hope that helps you or someone else.

Wonk said...

Hi Lavinia,

Sorry for the confusion. I suppose some things still didn't transfer over from the original 40" size pattern. 7 and 4 works, as long as the fronts match the back.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Anonymous said...

Hello Wonk. It seems like a while since you posted - we miss you. Hope you find this and can help me out.

2 things...first:
A free tip for the VK magazine patterns there are quite a lot of corrections (which maybe you know), but I went to their site & printed out all of their pattern corrections and there are a lot of them for the 07/08 edition. (I'm glad I didn't start on a pattern until I got all of the corrections.)

Secondly: I had put aside my work on your Poet's Pullover pattern (which is almost finished). I picked it up the other day to complete the sleeves and the math doesn't add up - can you help please? Problem is with the stitch count and I don't know how to correct it. If I cast on 50, then increase by 30 (now total of 80), then decrease 24, I don't have 46 stithes - I have 56. So, is it increasing by too many or decreasing by too few?

Sorry to be a bother...and I love your sweater, but don't know how to correct the problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated. One of these days I'll learn how to make these corrections myself.

Thank you for sharing the pattern and it is turning out beautifully - or will when I figure out how the sleeves should be worked.

Anonymous said...

I'm just about done knitting this sweater and the yarn I chose made for very loose/saggy ribbing. Any ideas on how to fix this? I might try blocking it again.

Nancy Liedel said...

Your pretty face is NOT gross. Also, this is going to be my first finished sweater and while I thought it was too hard for me, I can do this!! It's not that hard if you stick to it. I cannot thank you enough, because this is so my style and I don't care if it's a style that was in Anthro a few years ago. I'm fifty four and they don't want me in there anyway. ;)

This is just a fabulous pattern, especially with the work you did to make the errata right and extending the sizes, because I lost a ton of weight and there is a size for me. I'm also an hourglass and have larger arms. This is just going to fit so well in my wardrobe. I am incredibly excited.