Saturday, 5 May 2012

May Day

It's been a hard but wonderful week, involving the death of my grandfather (who lived to a well-aged 93, and led a very full life. RIP Grandpa W), a new volunteer job as the dog and cat photographer at my local animal shelter, and lots of opportunities from new dwellings to developing new aspects of my business.

Some of the best hours of my week were spent with my camera at the shelter, helping my friends find homes. A few of my favourites:

Tommy is 18 months old and lost a front leg to a car accident. It doesn't stop him from acting just like a regular cat, though.

Cassie likes to smile when she's happy, which can sometimes look quite alarming! I was proud of getting this smiling-without-the-teeth shot.

Jess is my favourite dog I have met in years, and I would take her home in a second if I could.

Thank you for working the camera for me, guys!

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