Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Technique Tuesday: Finishing

Something I always struggled with when I first started to knit (and let's face it, some things still befuddle me), is finishing techniques. Seaming and weaving in ends were never my friends. My seams were always too bulky, and my ends always worked their ways to the front of the fabric and waved at me like little flags, always there to signal my failure at finishing.

Fortunately, a few very gracious people are out there to help people like me!

The Purl Bee posted this great photo tutorial on weaving in ends in all sorts of different ways, so you can find which is best for your project:

The Duplicate Stitch Way

 And Sandi Rosner of Twist Collective seems to have written this article on seams directly for me. I'll definitely have it close at hand once I go to sew up my next non-seamless garment (which might not be for a while, but she's made me brave!).

Now to suck it up and learn how to steek...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that - I hadn't found the 'weaving in' tutorial, and it's wonderful!

Now I'm going to go and put some of those into practice - well, after I finish housework / paid-for work / OK, reading knitting blogs (ahem)...