Monday, 20 September 2010

I'm Back, and also: Patterns Coming Soon

After a month without internet access, I'm finally back. And a lot actually seemed to happen in my time away.

I moved in behind a field of gossipy sheep:

Had a pattern, the Flame Yoke Pullover, published in Issue 30 of Yarn Forward:

Modeled here by Sarah. Modeled much better in Yarn Forward 30 (sorry, Sarah!)....check it out.

And finished up a few more patterns for my upcoming e-book Gwynedd, tentatively set for release in November. Here's another sneak preview (and psst! These patterns are just now going up for testing).


Scribbit said...

How can I get a copy of this pattern? We don't get the magazine around here and I can't see any links to buy the pattern on Ravelry.

Ashley Knowlton said...

Hi Scribbit!

It's unfortunately not available for download (I'm not sure if it will be in the future), but you may be able to look around for a back issue. People are often destashing issues on Ravelry; you may want to check out the UK Classifieds group as a Brit would be more likely to get the magazine.