Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A New Design, a New E-book!

I am very pleased to announce two things: I've just released my newest design, the Snowdonia Shawl. Secondly, I have a new e-book coming out this August!

First things first: the Snowdonia Shawl.

The pattern is available as a Ravelry Download for £3.00, including both charted and line-by-line instructions.

Snowdonia is a shimmering stole with a variety of Estonian motifs reminiscent of the Welsh countryside, ranging from the scalloped waves of the Irish Sea to the leaves and stony flint trails of Snowondia’s rivers and forests. Knit in icy blue silk-cashmere blend, it also can’t help but bring to mind the snow-capped mountains of the Welsh wintertime.
This stole is worked in two pieces and grafted at the center, with no knitted-on borders to be found!

Snowdonia is perfect for wrapping, draping, tucking into coats and settling into on cool evenings.
And then, the pattern will also be available as part of an as-of-yet unnamed (seriously, any ideas, let me know!) e-book coming Autumn 2010.

Here's a little preview...

The Fine Print: Sorry, but refunds will not be available for purchases of single patterns prior to purchasing the e-book. Hope you enjoyed this preview!

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Andrea said...

What a beautiful shawl! And congratulations on your upcoming e-book!