Friday, 7 August 2009

Back in England

I'm really very torn between hating employment and absolutely loving it. Because, after all, unemployment means no eating out, no yarn (at least, yarn in minimal amounts), and, obviously, no job to go to everyday. On the other hand, I get to stay home all day and knit.

I've been trying to justify my unemployment by busying myself with potential-income-generating things like working on my book(s) and working on some designs. But when I don't have the patience to finish anything in one go, I end up casting on for seven different projects on one time, four of which don't have any sort of official patterns (at least, not yet), and using up all my spare needles.

In the meantime, I'm quite pleased:

This is the start of my Victoriana Coat, a coat I began because I had a hard time finding a coat that was A. a cut I liked and B. not made in China. Solution? Make my own. Of course. And it's going surprisingly fast. Though, come spring time, when the thing's thrown in a heap in a corner with a piece of half-arsed lining sewn to only one sleeve...well, I might have broken down and bought a coat, by then. But I'm determined. By golly, I'm going to finish what I started! For once.

I think all I need now, really, is one of those pointy 1920s-inspired hats like the Beauxbaton girls wore in Harry Potter and I'll be set.

Also coming:
The pattern for this and its fraternal twin sister, the Bacchus Shawl.

And a hat.

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