Thursday, 18 October 2007

Hedgerow Coat, Fall 2007

I finished this about a month ago, the day before I left for England, but I just now got pictures of it...

Materials: Wool of the Andes in "Iron Ore," about 18 50g skeins. I haven't done the ribbed edging yet, because I'm slightly afraid I'll run out of yarn, but maybe I will when I'm feeling particularly industrious.

I used a needle size bigger than in the pattern to get gauge.

Overall, I love it. It's perfect for the chilly fall here in England, and it's quite cozy.

I'm holding it closed with an earring clasp right now, of all things, until I feel like coughing up enough money to buy a belt to cinch it in with.


Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

Wonk - Apologies - my deleted comment didn't work out - should have previewed it first - I think your coat is just gorgeous - many Congratulations - I love the bright colour - just right for the UK!