Saturday, 28 July 2007

Shaped Lace Tee

Here's my first FO from Knitting Lingerie Style, sans model (it's for my sister-in-law, who's tiny, so there's no way I'm getting it on me).


Knit with the suggested yarn in the suggested color (creative, I know): Cascade Sierra (80% cotton/20% merino wool) in off-white.
Size: 33 1/2"
No alterations made. I did decide to do the waist shaping.

Hope it fits, and looks good, on her!

Next up: the Bed Jacket (finally), which is blocking as I type.


Lucy said...

This is lovely - congrats! Your SIL will love it!!

Did someone say 'knitting'? said...

That's really lovely! :)

Kristina B said...


Iris G said...

How beautiful! This is my favorite from White Lies Design--now I must make it! Thank you for the inspiration ;-).