Saturday, 17 February 2007

Gloves and Scarf

A little late for the coldest of the season, but I finished the scarf in time for the last snow, and the gloves in time for, well, wearing them.

VK Holiday 2006 Cover Scarf in Royal Yarn Cashmerino (DK), Lavender

Wedding Day Lace Gloves
in Handmaiden Sea Silk, colourway Straw, and probably the most wonderful yarn ever. Someday, I'll get a picture of these projects on me, taken by another person so they're not so blurry, like the not-so-successful pictures I tried to take which are not posted here.


Momo said...

Your gloves are gorgeous!!!! Such great yarn for the project. Have you worn them out yet?

Sue said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful!
I ordered 3 skeins of sea silk today and can hardly wait to touch it!